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We guarantee reliability and quality!

We have all the necessary technologies for a full cycle of quality products release.

Wide functionality of systems

We have an individual approach to each client, from design development to maintenance service

Best price

Due to the search for optimal design solutions, our systems have an affordable price, with good quality

Wide dealer network

We are represented in more than 75 regions of Russia and neighboring countries. A loyalty program and a flexible system of discounts have been developed for our partners

Warranty and service maintenance

We have engaged more than 110 service centers for servicing electronic seeding control systems «SKIF» throughout Russia and neighboring countries

Time-tested brand!

We have been developing and testing control systems since 2008. During this time, more than 5,000 systems have been installed in the farms of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Moldova

Why will the SKIF system become your indispensable helper?

Do you control the work of the sowing complex and the machine operator while digging in the ground?

Did you find out about a clogged coulter after a few hours of sowing?

Has the negligent machine operator worked the entire shift with the dispenser shaft off?

Is there a re-sowing due to excessive fan speed?

Do you want to save time, fuels and lubricants, motorcycle hours of operating equipment?

Do you want to analyze the sowing quality and receive SMS updates about the progress of work?

Catalogue of «SKIF» seeding control systems

15 750 rubles!

Loss incurred by the farm per hour with one constantly clogged coulter

Loss incurred by the farm per hour with one constantly clogged coulter

Distance between rows in the seed drill, cm 30 15
Forecasted yield 30 70
Grain price per ton, rub. 15 000 15 000
Seed drill speed, km/h 10 10
Work per sowing, hrs 150 150
Area of sowing (sifting) by 1 coulter per hour, ha 0,3 0,15
Lost harvest per hour, t 0,9 1,05
Lost harvest per sowing, t 135 160
Loss incurred by the farm business per hour, rub. 13 500 15 750
Loss incurred by the farm business per sowing, rub. 2 025 000 2 400 000

One single clogged coulter during 1 hour of the sowing complex operation results in a loss of up to 11,550 rubles for the farm business. Taking into account the rough sowing conditions (wet weather, poorly prepared soil, raw seed, etc.) 3 to 5 coulters are clogged in just one hour. This results in typical gaps in sowing – “bald rows” which the agronomist will discover only after 2–4 weeks.

Application of the SKIF seeding control systems allows to expand the capabilities of the sowing complex, organize round-the-clock work, maximize labour productivity at minimal costs and ensure 100 % sowing control.

Modern agronomy

The agricultural producer has an opportunity to analyze the sowing campaign based on the following information provided thereto:

Acreage planted

Availability of seed in the hoppers

Direction of the tractor travel

Clogged coulter numbers

Tractor speed

SC stops and shaft rotation

Unstable sowing distances

Low fan rotation speed

Seeding control system implementation steps

You should fill out the attached form and send an application for calculation of the system

Our manager will contact you shortly and help you to select a suitable control system

Upon agreeing on the price, you will be sent a delivery contract and an invoice

Upon receiving the funds, we will send you a control system with a convenient transport company, including international ones

A certified specialist will install the system at your farm, explain how to use it and demonstrate how it works

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JSC "Plant" Radian" has been operating since 1968

Over the entire history of the plant, more than 14,000 people took part in the production

The experience gained over more than 45 years of active work in the electronics market allows us to be confident in the quality, reliability and relevance of our products

We have an individual approach to each client, from design to maintenance

We have all the necessary technologies for a full cycle of production of quality products

Our products are constantly updated and modernized, we are constantly working on the introduction of high-performance technologies to keep pace with the times

At each stage of production, the quality of the components and finished products is carefully monitored, according to the implemented quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008).

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